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Ashley Robinson. Warren Lynam

MY SAY: Maybe America should look at the 'Clive experience'

HOW scary is it when you look at the American political landscape with Donald Trump continuing to gain momentum in the race to become the leader of the free world?

My God, I am sweating just writing these couple of lines.

His aggressive campaign seems to be capturing the imagination of the voting population of the USA, which does make me wonder where it will all end.

Unfortunately, while we can't vote for the presidency, their actions can have a direct impact on our wellbeing.

Fancy putting a billionaire in charge of a country. What are they thinking?

Although the voters of Fairfax did it and looked what happened.

At least Clive couldn't flick the switch on a nuclear attack but he had a pretty good go at upsetting the Chinese.

Maybe the American public should have a look at what happened in little old Coolum before they get themselves well and truly "Trumped".

It all sounded good at the time - a successful business man that hasn't been a career politician. Someone who has kicked plenty of goals in the world of commerce etc.

Someone needs to send the Americans a runsheet on Clive's career as a politician.

The only thing that could have been worse was if Clive was the leader of the free world.

Man, that would be scarier than Donald.

Now I know Malcolm Turnbull is a self-made man as well, but maybe with the other two as poor examples we need to change our system.

What about a semi-benevolent dictator?

Someone who has the runs on the board but doesn't have to worry about party politics .. and is also not raving mad.

That person would not have to pork barrel any areas to win seats, which may mean we would get a better Bruce Hwy.

He or she would have a long, hard look at our rural sector and look after what is left of the backbone of our country without having to worry about the Green vote or mining giants.

Maybe even work on a scheme to drought-proof our country via a massive pipeline.

The person in charge would not have to have press conferences with nodding idiots standing behind them looking like they support whatever grand idea or sleight of hand.

They have just to convince the masses as they would just be getting on with the job - no votes required.

Of course it would have to be the right person and about the only candidate I could think of right now is Dick Smith.

He loves Australia, loves Australian made and grown and he is not likely to start a war with anyone.

Maybe he could also give a few tips to Donald and Clive about self-importance versus humility.

Imagine someone doing the job for the right reasons, not the money or the prestige.

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