CRUEL INTENTION: A goose was shot at Marian with a bow and arrow.
CRUEL INTENTION: A goose was shot at Marian with a bow and arrow. Contributed

Resident finds goose shot in back with arrow

IT'S HARD to understand the cruelty that leads someone to shoot a goose with an arrow and leave it to slowly die.

That's what a Pioneer Valley resident, who only wanted to be identified as Rob, is still grappling with after finding the shot goose with the arrow in its back Saturday morning.

"I always look at the geese when I'm driving through Marian," Rob said.

"They're always in that area, and when I saw one with an arrow in its back, well, it really stood out."

Rob was on his way to the markets on Saturday morning, when he found the goose near Anzac Avenue in Marian.

"It was just standing there with the other geese with the arrow protruding out," he said.

"I've seen this type of thing on TV. My reaction was, while some people do this kind of this to hunt and eat, this was cruel as it had just been left wandering around.

"It was disappointing. It just looked like a random attack. It was so cruel to leave it like that."

He took the goose to an Anzac Avenue couple, who phoned the vet and removed the arrow.

He did not know if the goose survived, but nearby residents reported seeing the usual six geese in the Marian gaggle yesterday.

They also reported seeing the goose "roaming around with an arrow in its tail" at about 7am Saturday.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said while the goose shooting was cruel, it was far from an isolated incident.

"We've had kangaroos, wallabies, possums, even a horse at one stage shot with arrows," Mr Beatty said.

"About 90% of them die and they never die quickly.

"There have been spikes in incidents at different times, it might be to do with TV shows and movies, but you can't prove anything."

He said the RSPCA would look into the incident.

Mackay Police did not comment.

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