Man on ice threatens to cut off the nose off pensioner

ICE fuelled an Ipswich man to cross from committing petty crimes to threatening to cut off the nose of a man in a wheelchair.

Micheal John Cowan, 31, who has a history of minor crimes such as serial fuel theft, had been taking heroin since leaving school at 13.

After taking ice for a matter of months, he was charged with a ream of assault, traffic and stealing offences.

Brisbane District Court heard on Wednesday the offences were committed while Cowan was on a four-month suspended sentence for stealing petrol which he said he did so he could visit his mother who was in a critical condition in hospital.

Crown Prosecutor Russell Hood told the court Cowan attacked Dennis Palmer, a 50-year-old man with a degenerative spinal condition, in March last year.

He said Cowan threatened Mr Palmer with an axe handle, punched him numerous times in the head and stole his pain medication.

At one point Cowan tried to smother Mr Palmer with a pillow, screaming 'Die you c**t die, die you maggot!'.

He held a knife to the bridge of Mr Palmer's nose and told him he would cut it off.

The court heard Cowan also told Mr Palmer he would put him in the boot of a car and drive him 'out west' to kill him, that he had "assassinated" eight people previously and Palmer would be the ninth.

Cowan told Mr Palmer he was sick of him, took the lid off a bottle of turps and told Mr Palmer he was going to douse him and the house and set them on fire.

Cowan's mother had moved into Mr Palmer's home as his full-time carer and Cowan was staying with them.

The court heard Cowan, who has been on a disability pension his whole adult life, likely had a limited IQ and began taking drugs after he left school in Grade 8.

Cowan has been in jail since mid-June last year, the court hearing he found the time in prison difficult, particularly because his mother had a stroke during that time.

Judge Paul Smith told Cowan while it was clear ice played a significant role in pushing him from skirting around the edges of the prison system to putting him firmly in it, there was no excuse for his behaviour.

He said the assaults were "serious and persistent attacks" and warranted jail time.

Judge Smith sentenced Cowan to three years jail, with immediate parole, and told him to keep away from idiots who take drugs and stay with his mother.

Cowan sighed with relief when he heard he was not going back for more prison time.

He will be required to undertake drug screening as part of his parole.

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