LETTER: Pension changes make no sense

Pensioners are being targeted again.
Pensioners are being targeted again. Paul McKeon

IN THE Sunshine Coast Daily (December 28), under the heading "Pensioners OK" , under the super tax changes, the Special Minister of State Scott Ryan says pensioners will be better off when 90% of people see no changes to their circumstances, or an improvement.

Personally, I see no change to my prediction that there will be numerous pensioners and superannuates very disappointed, come the new year.

Why has Mr Ryan neglected to consider the adverse effect of the taper rate on assets which will be set at $3 for every $1000 over the asset limit.

Mr Ryan, considering the close relationship between the income and assets tests for pensioners, how can there be an increase to $375,000 in the asset test and no corresponding adjustment to the income test?



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