Making your own lavender essential oil is easy when you know how.
Making your own lavender essential oil is easy when you know how.

MAKE YOUR OWN: Lavender essential oil

LAVENDER essential oil is good for the senses, the body and the mind.

Use it to freshen up the scent of your home or simply dab a bit on your temples when you need to relax.

The therapeutic benefits include:

  • Soothing sunburns: The lavender oil immediately stops the pain and has antiseptic properties - it is one of the fastest ways to cure sunburn. Add six drops of lavender oil to a cool bath or mix it with your favourite moisturiser.
  • Minor skin infections: It can also help heal minor infections or small wounds. It can be placed near the wound or right on it. It's a good idea to test for allergies first.
  • Help you sleep: It can be used in eye pillows or also on a cotton ball near the bed when you, your grandchildren or pets are having sleep issues. Place a drop on your pet's collar or bedding. Just remember less is more.

What you'll need:

  • Fresh lavender petals and stems
  • Two glass jars with stoppers
  • Small strainer
  • Extra virgin pure olive oil

Pick a bunch of lavender growing in your garden, otherwise a friend or neighbour might be growing it or buy from a local farmers market.

Clip the lavender flowers into small pieces. Bend the stems so they will fit into the glass jar. Pull the petals off of the stems and pile them up.

Once you have the small pieces of lavender, fill up the jar with them, both petals and stems.

Pour extra virgin, pure olive oil into the jar all the way up to the point where the stopper will go. Put in the stopper, making sure there is no air pocket between it and the oil.

Let the sealed jar sit for at least one month, preferably in a window where it will get direct sunlight. Shake it a little each day to mix.

After the month, remove the stopper from the jar and hold the strainer over the open second jar.

Pour the entire contents of the first jar onto the strainer, making sure the oil goes into the second jar.

When all of the oil has been poured, squeeze the oily lavender over the second jar to get out as much infused oil as possible.

Dispose of the lavender and put the stopper on the second jar. Your oil is ready.

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