LIVING EXPENSES: What will be become of aged pensions?
LIVING EXPENSES: What will be become of aged pensions? Paul McKeon

Make no exceptions in finding a fairer tax system

THERE seems to be some fresh banter floating about the airwaves and print media concerning who next to attack to save a national quid or two.

Retirees and pensioners seem to be the whipping block yet again with the suggestion that the family home be included in the assets test.

Well now, how long can you beat a dog before he turns around and bites you?

Why is it that the most vulnerable in Australia are on the radar again as the big end of town feeds in the trough, paying little or no tax, while others steal from the public purse?

Yes, folks, tax avoidance and false expense claims are theft - pure and simple.

You steal and you wind up in court and quite possibly behind bars.

Some politicians, public officials and large corporations steal and they smile as they do it, then ask you for forgiveness when they get caught. Then they look for the next opportunity to feather their nests.

If you want equity, Canberra, do the following before it is too late:

Implement a 15% tax across the board - everybody pays, no exceptions.

Get rid of all of the "sweetheart deals" struck with large international corporations that are designed purely to benefit overseas interests.

Separate the deposit-taking, taxpayer-insured commercial banks from the globe-trotting, high-risk trading casinos known as investment banks.

Implement the Glass-Steagall Act now.

Put an immediate end to union-powered greed.

There is no doubt that unions are directly responsible for the closure of our three-tiered car industry. Put simply, it became far too costly to do business in Australia so they have gone elsewhere.

Immediately stop "poncing" all over the country, telling us how good you are and get on with the job of running our country the way it should be run.

A proposed new attack on retirees and pensioners will do nothing but further divide the haves from the have-nots and possibly cause social upheaval not witnessed before in this nation.



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