Maintaining your happiness in retirement

"WHAT do you want to achieve in retirement?” Most would probably say "to be healthy and happy”.

Today I'd like to expand a little on what this answer involves.

First, to be healthy for most over 60s largely depends on three things - good genes, good lifestyle and good luck. There's not much we can do about our genes or our luck.

But lifestyle is the one area where we are in charge. A healthy lifestyle involves a combination of a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, avoiding or managing anxiety and stress, plenty of sleep and a positive attitude. If you can't tick many of these boxes, it's never too late to start living a healthier lifestyle.

Achieving happiness is probably most peoples' number one objective, yet we regularly act in a way that makes it difficult to achieve. Lasting happiness comes from within us. A new car or expensive outfit will make us happy for a while, but the novelty wears off and we soon need another happiness "fix”.

Unfortunately a simple definition of happiness is not that easy to agree on. But here is a definition you might like to think about:

"Happiness is a way of interpreting the world, it's difficult to change the world but it's always possible to change the way we look at it.”

These two attempts came from a book simply called Happiness by Matthieu Ricard. It's an interesting read.

A more practical approach is taken by Professor Tim Sharp, the founder of The Happiness Institute. He suggests the following six strategies: clarity of life goals, direction and purpose; healthy lifestyle; optimism; good relationships, encourage your strengths and enjoy the moment.

If you're interested in being happier and healthier, you'll find lots of good information and advice in our book titled "How to stay Healthy, Active and Sharp in Retirement”. It's available on our web site at

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