Madly in love couple celebrate 60 special years

IT'S been 60 years since Dawn Davis married the love of her life, Bob.

The duo first met during Dawn's school years and as fate would have it, their love was determined through their attendance of a school dance.

One day, Dawn, who went to a school in New South Wales, asked her parents' permission to attend the school ball.

"Straight away my parents said no," she said.

"I went back to school the next day and told them the bad news and immediately they weren't happy."

Dawn said the school paid a visit to her parents, asking permission for Dawn to attend the ball, and they eventually complied.

As a requirement, Dawn was asked to bring along a partner, something that was unusual to her at the time.

"Because I did schooling away from home I didn't know a lot of guys, so I just said to the school 'pick any guy, just as long as he is not too much taller than me, I don't want him to tower over me'," she said.

"Next thing I know, Bob is my partner."


Dawn said from there, a strong friendship formed that eventually blossomed into love.

"We have had lots of good times together," she said.

"I remember when I always complained that Bob would never bring me flowers, then one day he came home with a huge plastic bucket and enough flowers for all the years we were married.

"He said to me 'now you can't complain that I never bring you flowers'."

Dawn said she grew madly in love with Bob and constantly asked her parents if she could get married.

"My mum finally gave in and said that I could get married at 20-and-a-half," she said.

"Bob never actually properly proposed to me, he never got down on one knee or never actually popped the question.

"It's just something we took for granted, I was his wife and he was my husband, it was just something that grew.

"But he did ask my father if he would bless us and allow him to call me his wife."

Dawn said the key to their marriage was to always be thoughtful to one another.

"You have to be considerate, forgiving and you have to treat each other how you expect to be treated," she said.

The couple eventually ended up in Queensland where Bob decided to buy a farm while Dawn opened a ballet studio.

Reflecting on their years together, Dawn said she was grateful for what she had shared with her husband.

"I love my children, I love my family and most of all I love Bob," she said.

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