Lyn Joyce with Frenchy who loves hugs.
Lyn Joyce with Frenchy who loves hugs.

Satisfaction of a rehoming is a benfit of RSPCA volunteering

THE image of a straggly, down-on-its-luck dog or the strains of All Creatures Great and Small are often the first things that come to mind when people think of the RSPCA.

But as volunteer Lyn Joyce explains, there is a lot more to this organisation and it is not just the animals that benefit.

The former secondary school and TAFE teacher has been an RSPCA volunteer for 16 months.

Her duties are wide and varied, including at-home administration work and on-site duties ensuring the comfort and cleanliness of her charges.

"The work isn't always easy and it isn't always clean, but it is always rewarding," Lyn said.

Indeed, the chance to work with a variety of people, getting to know the animals, physical exercise and the satisfaction of a successful rehoming are among the benefits of volunteering.

Lyn said there were many misconceptions surrounding the services provided by the RSPCA.

Contrary to popular belief, animals are only euthanised if there are behavioural or health issues that cannot be resolved, resulting in some animals living out their lives at the shelter.

Similarly, puppies and kittens are not the only successful adoptees.

Whereas young families tend to like to grow up with their pets, there have been many successful cases of older animals living very compatibly with older owners.

One of the questions most commonly asked is why a charity charges for its animals.

"We have to pay staff and all our utilities and everything else…we have to feed them (the animals), desex them, worm them, get all their vet treatments," Lyn said.

Everyone enjoys a good sale, however, and the RSPCA discounts its purchase prices at various stages throughout the year.

Unknown to many, the RSPCA also offers microchipping, grooming services and even boarding facilities.

So if you have a few spare hours, are not afraid of hard work and enjoy the companionship of others, there are a range of volunteering opportunities with the RSPCA.

For more information, visit the website or call 4634 1304.

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