SILVER TOP:  Baby Boomers have no issue putting their hair needs first.
SILVER TOP: Baby Boomers have no issue putting their hair needs first. shapecharge

Looking good on top

BABY Boomer men and women deserve to look good and feel good when it comes to their hair.

Here are a few tips to take with you on your next salon visit.

Consultation is key

"Walking through the doors of my salon, each person receives a thorough consultation," Australian Hairdressing Council member Marianne Smith from Cambridge Hair Collective says.

"This enables clear communication between you and the stylist.

"Through discussion your hairdresser will be able to create a total style that is suitable to you, your hair texture, face shape, skin tone (when having a colour service) and your commitment level to styling at home, plus rebooking requirements to maintain your look."

White/grey hair management

While some opt to completely cover those pesky silver sparkles, many women embrace them and choose to integrate complementary blonde, pastel and ash shades in their hair to minimise regrowth and work with what they've got.

"Age isn't the only contributing factor that determines when you start to lose the natural colour you were born with, however understanding how to treat this hair type and texture can be super helpful," Marianne says.

"Colour has the ability to soften the hair texture and complement your skin tone, making it supple and also creating a glow to your skin. White hair is coarse, resistant and at times unmanageable due to its inability to absorb and retain moisture.

"A personalised home maintenance regime will support your in-salon services, prolong your colour longevity and have you look and feeling great."

Hair health is paramount

In order to have healthy, manageable hair, we must focus on the health of both our scalp and our locks.

A healthy diet and appropriate vitamins and supplements can all contribute positively to your crowning glory, and the right professional hair products can also make your hair look it's shiny best.

Marianne recommends the following products to treat different hair concerns:

Coarse white/grey hair: Keune Care Satin Oil

This wonder product makes coarse hair so easy to manage.

Working on hair and scalp, essential minerals are directly delivered to the hair's structure, nourishing and strengthening each strand from the inside out. Dull, dry hair is transformed into silky-soft strands with an otherworldly sheen.

Dry, damaged and brittle hair: Kevin.Murphy Young Again

A rejuvenating regimen that delivers deep conditioning to the hair and scalp, leaving hair full of youthful body and bounce. Its restorative blend of amino acids, essential oils and rich moisturisers help to restore and renew lustre to dry, damaged and brittle hair.

Hair Loss: 1922 by J.M. Keune

This product is designed to reduce hair loss and is specifically tailored for men. Its magic ingredient Creatine rebuilds and reinforces the hair, Pro-Vitamin B5 thickens hair and Vitamin H improves the hair's keratin structure.

Additionally, natural peppermint extracts, oil and menthol refresh and stimulate the scalp.

Thinning hair: Kevin.Murphy Plumping

Perfect for treating fine, thin or ageing hair with a lavish level of conditioning goodness. The luxurious wash/rinse formula delivers essential nourishment to help restore thickness and boost volume while imparting sublime shine and silky-soft texture.

We're popular

On a final note, Marie says that most hairdressers absolutely love their Baby Boomer clientele.

"These big spenders have the highest disposable income and have no issue putting their hair needs first, always rebooking and looking to change up their style and colour...and they are super spend savvy," she says.

"They will negotiate a 12-month package so they know exactly what their commitment is for their hair year, because they are the generation that also wants time to travel, eat out and enjoy life to the max.

"They have families to raise, animals to love, exhibitions to see, Route 66 to drive, high teas to indulge in, roof top cocktails to drink, waves to catch, lovers to be discovered and life to be lived - all with beautiful hair!"

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