Lolly decadence to sway even the most hardy senior

SWEET TOOTH: A lolly-shop for adults.  Jodie Neilson creates heavenly lollies for adults-only.
SWEET TOOTH: A lolly-shop for adults. Jodie Neilson creates heavenly lollies for adults-only. Picasa

IT'S QUITE awhile since her childhood but Jodie Neilson has always loved a lolly shop, so much so she has opened her own.

But New Farm Confectionery is not a conventional sweet store, it is a lolly shop for grown-ups, a decadent place for all of us who fondly remember the magic of going into the milk bar to buy Pollywaffles, Violet Crumbles, Choo Bars or just a bag of mixed lollies.

In her tiny New Farm Shop, Jodie and a small team create exquisite sweet treats, all hand-crafted, all labour-intensive, all so tempting you feel like...well, a kid in a lolly shop.

Over four years, Jodie has taken her passion and sweet tooth and turned it into a business that now wholesales to other outlets and supplies restaurants and hotels all over the city.

She has recently received inquiries from Hong Kong and, although treading cautiously, she is hopeful she will soon be exporting to Asia.

Not bad for a woman who started her business making lollies in her kitchen.

"I've always had a sweet tooth," she said.

"I love lollies and I wanted to create a lolly shop for grown-ups.

"I have experimented over the years with childhood favourites to turn them into sophisticated versions for adults."

Not all experiments have worked, Jodie has yet to master an adult-only liquorice strap, or adult-only jelly snakes. But what she has created are mini masterpieces of confectionery paradise.

How about toasted coconut marshmallows, cookie-dough amaze-balls, cranberry and almond nougat, lime and coconut brittle?

Every sweet is sophisticated and stylish, from dark chocolate-coated honeycomb, to passionfruit sherbet.

Jodie, an experienced chef before she began her own business, insists she is not a chocolatier - although chocolate features in many of her products.

And with Easter approaching, the salted caramel filled bunnies in Belgian chocolate could change your life forever, as could the Madagascan vanilla marshmallow filled Easter egg in Belgian chocolate.

But lolly aficionados do not need Easter to indulge in a sweet taste, we all know that.

New Farm Confectionery, 14 Barker St, New Farm,

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