Two local tradesmen managed to save the driver of this car, who was trapped inside as it became submerged in water.
Two local tradesmen managed to save the driver of this car, who was trapped inside as it became submerged in water. Contributed

Local tradesmen save man from submerged car

AMONG all the stories of destruction and devastation as the region is ravaged by floods, it's nice to hear a local story of heroism.

If not for the quick thinking actions of two local tradesmen and a truck driver, one young motorist might not be here today.

Yesterday afternoon, as the two tradesmen (who did not want to be named) were driving their work van down Keen Street/Riverbank Road, near the Lismore Baseball Fields, they saw a truck that had just stopped on the other side of the road.

Realising something must have been going on, the tradesmen stopped and asked the truck driver if everything was ok.

The truck driver pointed, and the two tradesmen then noticed a small hatchback car in a ditch on the side of the road, almost completely submerged in water.

When they asked the truck driver whether there was someone trapped inside the car, he said he thought so.

The tradesmen sprung into action, with one calling Triple Zero immediately, while the other, thinking quickly, grabbed a hammer and swam to the car.

"I've seen this before - with these new cars, once the water gets into them, because of the central locking the doors won't open and the windows won't go down," the tradie-turned-local-hero said.

"I think the car had aquaplaned and gone off the road into the ditch."

When the brave tradesman reached the car, he could see that the passenger side of the car was completely underwater.

"It was pretty scary at first, because I could only see his hand, couldn't talk to him," the tradie said.

Using the hammer, he smashed the back window of the car and managed to get the driver to open the boot lever, the tradie said.

He then helped the driver open the boot and get back to safety, before it was too late.

"(The driver) was ok, pretty quiet, I think he was in shock," he said.

"It was a bit of excitement. It was all over in two minutes."

He said it was lucky the truck driver had stopped, as they "probably wouldn't have even seen the car" otherwise, with all the water and the bushes around it.

While the actions of himself, his fellow workmate and the truck driver were nothing less than heroic, the tradesmen, from Alstonville, said he did not wish to be named, not wanting a fuss.

"Anyone would have done the same thing," he said.

Instead of allowing himself to be public heralded as a hero, the tradesmen said he was probably just going to treat himself to a beer or two today.

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