LIVE + LET’S SAVE: Tips for cutting costs

1. Eat Everything in the Pantry

Stop shopping until all the items are used in the pantry. Find ways to make use of all the ingredients you already have. Make batches of recipes and freeze meals for use later.

2. Go Naturally Clean

Look up recipes for homemade cleaners and soaps and get your science on. There are many recipes with ingredients that are very affordable and will make generous amounts of what you need. The homemade products are also a healthy alternative to some of the harsher chemicals on the market.

3. Get On Your Bike

Cut down on the cost of gas and wear and tear on your vehicle and ride your bike instead. It may take some getting used to but you can work your way through the changes and reap the benefits of a healthier you. (Take a look at: 51 Things to Spend Your Money on Other Than Gas)

4. Unplug As Much As Possible

Technology can be very costly so ditch the TV, cell phone, game systems, and other electronics and find a more constructive way to spend your time. You can save hundreds of dollars of month by making this change and you'll also reduce your electricity consumption.

5. Get Your Fill of Water

Vow to only drink water (from the tap if possible). You can cut out a lot of expense in the course of the month by ditching the soft drinks and alcohol and sticking to a water-only policy. Drinking water before meals will also help you curb your hunger!

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