Donald Trump has put the world, especially America’s Western allies, on notice.
Donald Trump has put the world, especially America’s Western allies, on notice. Evan Vucci

LETTERS: World now on notice as Trump in power

NOW Trump is triumphant, he will impose the same business tactics which made him a multi-billionaire.

He has put the world, especially America's Western allies, on notice.

Russians are already celebrating.

Nesting dolls in Trump's image and slogans quoting: "In Trump we trust" mocks all that America's forefathers installed in their constitution and the philosophy which made them world leaders.

In God we trust has been replaced by faith in the new "Messiah", who promises the world and change for America, to become his biggest business feat.

Trump has pulled off one of the United State's most incredible business deals; a commoner known for his ruthless business practices for personal gain and the prestige he craves, building his empire on his name alone.

He now runs the world's largest economy by the same way he deals in business.

This narcissist has Trump power on his mind: he is now the most powerful business man on earth.

Surrounded by his Trump family, his eye was always on the prize and nothing and no one could stop this Trump tsunami from achieving his goals. He wants his name to be engraved in the annals of history books.

His children, his heirs, will carry through with this legacy.

He will now put into motion his American dream.

It is all about Trump extending his power in the face of the rest of the world.

While the world stands by in expectation, not knowing the repercussions, one only has to look at his failure to pay taxes for the past two decades and his personal history, to know that he is a formidable force to be reckoned with, bowing to no one; apologising to no one.

His unpredictability and demeanour in the face of criticism is countered by his constant "tweets" and rantings online, like a true narcissist.

It is a new age.

Not only America's status quo, the rest of the globe will be in a constant state of flux, according to the Gospel of Trump, chapter one.

Australia stands to lose an ally and gain insecurity in the region.



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