Harry's view on looming heatwave in CQ.
Harry's view on looming heatwave in CQ.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Life is not a fairytale


Life’s no fairytale

Social media provides for issues hitherto “taboo” to be anonymously, or otherwise, aired in a secure environment with a global audience.

Not every topic is “comfortable”.

With almost nothing that cannot be part of the conversation, a more open and healthy discourse is, in the third millennium, now evident in popular films such as blockbusters: “Grease”, “Muriel’s Wedding” and “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”.

But, movies revealing our cultural dark side are now targets for “politically correct”culture police.

These and similar films may be classed as sexist or offensive, but reveal the often covert prejudices towards women, gender inequality and race, global cultural anomalies even in western societies.

Sets of attitudes towards “difference”, justifying exclusion of inferiors, their being denied respect on the basis of immutable physical characteristics, disregard individuality.

Open dialogue through social media, breathes new perspectives on human issues.

It is a healthy way to expose societies predicated on double standards, leading to revolutionary change.

“We are all part of the continent” (John Donne).

- Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands

Questions for candidates

A checklist for candidates in their quest to become mayor and questions voters could ask of candidates.

Do councillors and a mayoral candidate if elected know the questions to ask senior staff since those staff will be advising them on just about everything?

Will they check to see that staff are appropriately trained under the Australian Qualification Framework that was agreed to under the COAG agreement in 2005?

Will they be able to tell if staff are experienced as well as appropriately qualified?

Do they know how to read reports? Will they read reports?

Do they know how to identify misleading and false reports?

If so, what would they do about it and the staff that provided that false information?

What do candidates know about the Principles of Local Government?

What do candidates know about Natural Justice Principles?

What is natural justice?

Have candidates read the Public Sector Ethics Act?

There are several Acts with the rules to follow to create transparency, fairness and accountability in council.

The CCC has exposed not only corruption in Qld councils but inappropriate behaviour by councillors and employees as defined under s 176(3)(b)(ii) of the Local Government Act 2009 and inconsistent with the local government principles 4(2)(a) and 4(2)(e).

Many believe that what has been exposed is just the tip of the iceberg.

It is the view held by many, not just members of the public, that councils cannot investigate themselves as they have a conflict of interest.

Lyn Laskus, Rockhampton



LPMC. “We all know”, that’s what our Premier says, go hard and go early and shut down the virus. So to keep it under control, tens of thousands of Brisbane residents left in their droves to the Gold and Sunshine Coasts for three days to spread the Brisbane virus. Another great expensive decision from a hopeless Premier and Health Dept.

GTF P/AVE. Hi Editor, the fish shop at Glenmore shopping centre don’t sell battered chips. Editor’s note: Oh that’s a shame GTF, I’ll keep an eye out for any others for you!

HL, NTH ROCKY. With the lockdown in Brisbane came the idiots panic buying again. Long lines lined up outside supermarkets to me this is stupid. Did they think after spending hours waiting that there would be anything left on the shelves when they finally got in there. Well I went for my usual shop yesterday, Monday, here in Nth Rocky and guess what... no toilet rolls on shelf. Really Rocky!!!

ANON. Your article on donations to mayoral candidates was timely and very informative. It certainly helped this voter prevent a very big mistake. Thank you


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