LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: ‘In Trump we trust’



In Trump we trust

Inciting violence to suit his agenda to maintain power and favour with his base, is President Trump's modus operandi.

Trump is unique to American democracy, in that he denies the historical democratic process and results, which determined he lost the November 3 election.

Trump himself admitted he doesn't like losing.

He is adding to the delays of the transition process and fuel to the fire.

Being nasty and vicious towards those who he deemed the "evil" opposition which stole the election from him, is currency with criminal elements and the GOP, who support his fake stance and play right into the hands of armed extremists with guns poised at the winners.

His Washington rally prior to Pence's announcement that Biden won the Electoral College votes, stirred up the fans to protest outside the Capitol building.

It has led to civil war.

Distancing himself safely behind White House walls, tweeting, denying security dealing with the illegal storming of the Capitol building the National Guards, he encouraged the confusion and looting of America's Congress, the seat of power.

This is anarchy and the basis for criminal charges against Trump.

Try as they may, 20th January he will go, but his legacy continues to divide the United States of America.

The writing is on the wall.

"Ask not for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee."

Eloise Rowe, Tannum Sands




Harry's View
Harry's View


ANON. So another widow maker drops a huge branch in Quay St. Who is the clown that planted these so close to the paths. The ones near Ribs n Rumps need to be cut back. Maybe our new mayor hopefully will get this done … or Santa Claus maybe.

CMH. A vote for Williams, Rutherford, Latcham or Kirkland is a vote for another by-election.



A social media giant has turned off Donald Trump's account in wake of praise for rioters. Was this the right move?


Sandie O'Really: FFS, this is not free speech, it is lies from a madman inciting violence.

Virgil Ramage: You're all sheep.

Neville Milne: Yep. He needs to accept the decision of the people and stop carrying on like a spoiled brat.

Nathan Baxter: He deserves to be silent. What sort of role model is he teaching the fact we should be sore losers then crack a sh- when we don't get our way.

Jane Smith: People who mindlessly follow tweets and treat them as gospel (so to speak) are also those susceptible to believing in cults and becoming zombie followers. Look at PETA and ANTIFA followers. Sheep, sheep everywhere! Sprouting gospel to the lowest common denominator and inciting civil unrest has been rightfully censored. Sheep.

Joanna Webb: Don't like censorship, no matter which side it comes from.

Dallas Johnston: Silencing free speech. Tech giants controlling what you can and can't say. If it's along the lines of their views your fine. Go against them and you're shutdown. The future's here.

Greg Moore: They can do what they want, they are a private company. From a western ethics point of view no they shouldn't have.

Mark Boulton: Should have been turned off couple years back really.



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