Harry's view on NYE fireworks being rescheduled for Easter on the Cap Coast.
Harry's view on NYE fireworks being rescheduled for Easter on the Cap Coast.

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: How will rate ‘fix’ be funded?


Mayoral candidates

I see some of our candidates for mayor are promising to fix the council rates for 12 months at current levels.

So the question I have is how is this being funded?

Is it by debt or reduction of services to the rate payers or is it a smoke and mirrors efficiency gain which is really just a political statement to get the vote?

Also I would like to see the candidates views on the Mt Morgan Dam four-wheel drive ban, Rocky Nats support ongoing, opening up access to public roads currently blocked by farmers for access to recreational four-wheel drives and motorcycles, and the motor sports proposal to go at Bouldercombe

As far as rugby league goes, what are the candidates going to do with the stadiums where we seem to have State Government funding for Brown Park and federal funding for Victoria Park.

Surely we only need one and could the funding go to other sports such as cricket, soccer, netball, Aussie rules etc.

John Passaris, Frenchville


Harry's view on NYE fireworks being rescheduled for Easter on the Cap Coast.
Harry's view on NYE fireworks being rescheduled for Easter on the Cap Coast.


ANON. You have to wonder out of the 17 mayoral aspirants, how many or “if any”, (excluding RRC councillors) could claim to have an in-depth knowledge of the RRC 2020 – 21 Budget Report. It should be noted, as mentioned, that the 2020 year has been unlike anything else seen in recent history. There is a wealth of information in council’s website concerning charges, levies etc., and how these rates are/were determined. Voters would do well to read this report before making their mayoral choice. Pensioners “already” have a 20 per cent discount on rates with an additional 10 per cent if paid by due date (for which I am grateful). Not one candidate has mentioned changing the existing method of charging ratepayers for their water usage to a much fairer “daily pro-rata” billing. This results in the steps of increasing kilolitre charges for water usage being in-line with actual quarterly time periods, and not when our water meters are read. Ergon Energy have incorporated this much fairer daily pro-rata system for many years with their block/step structure tariffs when billing their customers!


Aussie pig farmers are calling for shoppers to check where their bacon is coming from with the majority of non-fresh pork coming from overseas. Do you check the label before buying?

Steven Finch: Our government needs to stop signing up to these rubbish FTAs which are meant to benefit everyone in Australia but they don’t, they only benefit the greedy miners and farmers who want them.

Ann Kirk: Always check. Ham off the bone is Australian but a lot of bacon isn’t. Especially from the big supermarkets.

George Smith: Ha ha China pork how many of you ate it for Christmas.

Kylie Ramsay: I will check now. Screw the overseas market!

Sylvia M Allen: I always check and I always wonder how a piece of ham can be 30 per cent Australian pork!

Paul Kay: My pork comes straight off the land, don’t eat them chemical filled, grow fast meat from shops. Tastes like crap after eating proper fresh pork no additives. Caught, fed grain and wormed, and it’s good to go.


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