Dog at Back Beach Woolgoolga.
Dog at Back Beach Woolgoolga. ROBERT WATKIN

LETTERS: All owners need to take responsibility for dogs

AS in so many cases, the actions of a few irresponsible dog owners affect the lives of so many.

We have all seen them. They let their dogs run amok in areas clearly signposted as "on-leash" areas.

Calls of "he won't hurt you" don't help calm a terrified three-year-old child staring at a charging dog.

Owners who purposely don't see their dogs doing a poo on the beach or those who just cover it up with a handful of sand.

Swimmers who leave their yelping dog tied to a tree while they frolic in the water.

The answer is simple: Take responsibility for your dog.

That way we can avoid the extremist views of some dog owners who call for a campaign of civil disobedience to force Sunshine Coast Regional Council to back down on its Mooloolaba Spit dog ban.

I love dogs and don't want to see them banned. However, irresponsible dog owners have brought this ban upon themselves.


Mountain Creek


AT 2pm on Sunday, council inspectors walked the beach at Moffat Beach and fined a lady who was walking two large dogs which had been allowed to roam 50 meters ahead, dragging their leads.

What an outcry from the lady who saw absolutely no need to have herself attached to the other end of two leads.

The owner was fined, her protests to fellow beachgoers about being harassed met with amazement that the owner could have been so stupid to think she had a case.

Such irresponsible actions only adds fuel to the debate about banning all dogs from our beaches.

Thank you to the clown who put the responsible dog owners into a bad light.



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