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The biggest losers if Rocky's free camp is scrapped

OPINION: WE ARE Grey Nomads from Rockhampton and I see in the Morning Bulletin where council and caravan parks are at war over the free camping at Kershaw Gardens.

Let me remind readers that the Grey Nomads spent thousand of dollars in Rockhampton since it opened.

One lot spent $20,000 in the city I was told. If the free camp closes these people will pass straight through as they did before, without spending anything in Rockhampton, towns and cities all over Australia are offering freedom of choice camping.

Bundaberg Council and the CMCA have just opened up one, Maryborough the same, caravan parks will gain nothing out of the closure of Kershaw camp ground and many Grey Nomads who stay in caravan parks said they would boycott Rockhampton and the caravan parks for the attitude park owners have taken.

The people who stay at Kershaw Gardens don't use caravan parks they don't need them, I ask the park owners if they would pay for something they don't need, I think not.

The caravan manufacturing industry is worth $19.02 billion and employs 53,000 people I was told, if free or low cost camps are closed this industry will collapse as these Grey Nomads won't be able to afford to travel.

Caravans and a modern motorhome is built for free or low cost camping, there are people who use only caravan parks and they will continue to do so, we don't but still spend money when we travel.

Do the businesses and people in Rockhampton want the Grey Nomads to spend money in their business, create jobs?

If they do they will fight to keep Kershaw Gardens open as they will be the biggest loser.

David Rickertt (CMCA Member) Kawana

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