Letter: Pauline Hanson hasn't changed her spots

PAULINE Hanson's view that she has some coalition support is a myth.   

She is living in the 1988 past.  

A great deal of water has passed under the bridge since I was campaigning in the electorate of Blair when she was defeated by the Liberals and removed from the Australian Parliament.

I can tell many factual stories of the bitter divisions and racism that this woman stirred up in the community of Blair and surrounding electorates.  

At a public forum in a small hall outside of Gatton during that campaign, she and her supporters belittled and crucified a young Aboriginal Senate candidate to such an extent that I and an ABC reporter left the meeting and I was physically ill.  

At another forum near Kingaroy, her supporters had a conspiracy theory about John Howard's gun laws.

At the polling booth near that hall at that election, Hanson polled 188 of the 200 votes cast.

It is support like this that I would hope that no LNP candidate or Member would even dream of.  

At that time the growth and demise of the One Nation Party is a matter of record.   

From 20-odd members of State Parliament (and I mean odd) to a couple of members in a term is significant.  

They had no policies and no leadership, but that underlining maiden racism speech in Federal Parliament by Pauline Hanson was still prominent.  

She has tried to revive herself at various elections hither and thither since.   

Some have suggested that all she was doing was getting sufficient votes to obtain public funding.  

Leopards don't change their spots.

No wonder the Prime Minister says there is no place in Australian politics for this newly revived Pauline Hanson One Nation Party.  

Since 1988, all federal governments, both Liberal National Coalitions and the ALP, have embraced and nurtured a multicultural society that is clearly the envy of the world.  

This opportunistic Pauline Hanson would seek to destroy this by getting a small number of dissidents to vote for her.

She will require preferences to reach her goal.  

I would hope that all major parties and groups would put her last on their recommended how-to-vote cards.  

We cannot allow this person with her racist views to get anywhere near the seat of power.  

John Andrews 


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