Letter to John Williamson from Ross Baldwin

Gidday John Williamson. It's Roscoe Baldwin here.

I was just sittin' out the back, with my coldest stubbie of beer.

I can assure you it's my first today. I have a couple now and then.

But Oh my Gawd; I don't believe it! Is it really just a quarter after ten!


Mate I've sung your songs round Pubs and Clubs for as long as I can remember.

From Bill the Cat to Hey True Blue and that photo in December.

So it sounded like a good idea to take the Shed an' fit it to our opening day.

So all us men at Coolum Shed could celebrate the J. W. way.


I was chattin' with my pet crow Joe. He visits now and then.

An' he was saying I should be ashamed. Coz I've gone and done it again!

Joe is just as mad as hell. His feathers stand on end.

It seems he's turned bush lawyer wise and has a message to send.


"You've gone and changed his words!" he said. "Ya curly headed Galoot!

You've turned his lyrics 'round about and chucked a swear word in to boot!"

Now Joe's not one to mince his words. By now you've worked it out.

But here we are in this fix. So before you twist an' shout…. (Sorry J. P. G. & R.)


I've penned this verse. For better or worse; to humbly ask that you endorse,

Our Coolum Men's Shed anthem and not send us a legal discourse.


We sang it at our opening; before pollies, wives and friends.

An' although we messed it up a bit, we figured that's where the story ends.

But all these people on their camera phones. The ones we didn't see.

And there we were the very next day on E-mail, U-Tube and colour TV!


Now you're a True Blue Aussie John. Of that there is no doubt.

So despite what Joey says we hope you'll help us out.

Our brand new shed is looking good. It doesn't even lean.

If you look up the net, you'll see us all looking clean and mean.


An' if you're up this way call in and have a chat.

We would love to show you 'round. And talk about this and that.

So sue us if it takes your fancy; but if the blokes round here have their say…

"We're backing you for man of men coz that's the Aussie way!"

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