LETTER TO ED-Daylight Savings "No way" says Gold Coast reader

Read your article in the December newspaper and thought, "what a very good idea"!

I was born in England just before the second world war broke out.

As I grew up we had "daylight saving" and they do still have it of course.

In the northern climes it is nice to have longer days and more of the sunlight. Usually until eleven pm or ten thirty.

Here in Australia, Queensland in particular, we do not need the summer heat for too long and when the sun sets and we get cool evenings.....oh how lovely!!

Here in the South East of Queensland we do not have daylight saving and I have a horror of it being put in place and having to walk my dog in the "heat of the evening"!!

I look forward to seeing any further articles.....or to signing a petition which I am sure many people would be happy to sign. Go to It !!!


Carol Mansfield, Gold Coast, Queensland

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