LETTER TO ED: Leave us in peace and don't play with time

Dear Editor

Re: Opinion pages, Seniors Newspapers, December edition - Proposal by Graeme Brittenden


I live just over the border in Tweed Heads NSW & have been asking for years to have the DST scrapped here in the northern area. From Byron Bay to the Qld border (or as far south as people want) we should remain on normal time as there would be nobody in this area who works or connects to Sydney.

We are so far removed from the southern states as to almost constitute another state altogether. We have most dealings here with Qld. If we remain on normal time as Qld does, there would be no confusion whatsoever.

I do not think changing it to 30 minutes instead of 60 minutes is going to stop the confusion.

It doesn't seem to make any sense, if you are going to make a change then make it complete not half hearted. We do not have twilight here in the tropics so there is no benefit to prolonging sunset.

The changing of clocks came about in the UK during the war to help shelter cities from air raids. Because they have twilight there by extending the time of daylight it meant that people did not have to put lights on in their homes until late at night (around 9-10pm), so eliminating the need for blackout curtains. This meant the enemy did not see lights when on bombing raids so left places alone.

We do not have a reason to make these changes, so please let sense prevail, leave us in peace & do not play with time. The clock has been set for thousands of years lets please leave it the way it was.


Terri Bradley

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