LETTER TO ED: I agree, it's time to change the clock

Generic pic of Dali-style clock. Photo Contributed
Generic pic of Dali-style clock. Photo Contributed Contributed

Dear Madam

In relation to the article by Graeme Brittenden  (Seniors Newspaper editions, Opinion section, December)

I wish to add:- My wife and I have always been advocates of daylight saving as we were originally from Victoria some 26 years years ago.

Recently we travelled from the north end of the Gold Coast to Coffs Harbour for 1 week holiday. It was great except for one thing and that was the changing to daylight saving time at the start and finish.

It was something we had not experienced before and we will never travel out of this zone again during daylight saving times

. I read with much interest of the suggestion changing the clocks to a half hour earlier in the eastern states and ACT permanently and after great thought I agree whole heartedly with the item as printed.

 Peter Ward

Good changes to ANZAC service at Tewantin

ANZAC DAY: The  honour guard at the Tewantin Anzac Day dawn service.

Tewantin Noosa RSL Dawn Service will be done differently this year.

What's on: Brisbane

LEST WE FORGET: We can all pay our respects by attending an Anzac Day event.

Services are being held in your region so you can pay your respects.

The Trumpet Calls - WWI Tribute at museum

VALUED MEMORABILIA: Daphne Heaton holding the plaque issued to Private Roberts' family following his death in 1918. The personalised plaque, often referred to as the "Dead Man's Penny", was issued to next-of-kin of all service personnel who were killed as a result of the war.

The Nambour Museum is located at 18 Mitchell Street, Nambour.