LETTER TO ED - Daylight Savings - We agree

Dear Madam,

We have been away and only just read your item on Mr Graeme Brittenden's recommendation (Vol. 15, No. 11) that we have the Eastern Australian Standard Time advanced by 30 minutes for the whole year.

We totally agree with and endorse this suggestion.

I have long been advocating that "daylight saving" should be extended to apply throughout the year, even in the southern states owing to the considerable economic benefits and, especially, the potential for the saving of lives on the roads.

We have been to Alaska a few times when our son and his family were living there, and have experienced the 24-hours'-long "daylight" during summer (and conversely the near 24-hours'-long darkness in winter.

It is an absolute nonsense for some people to suggest that the "daylight saving" hours will upset the dairy cattle, or children' sleep, etc. (in Alaska, houses have light-proof blinds for the summer sleeping periods).

Sadly, I doubt that we will be still around when such a sensible and long-overdue reform is actually introduced.

If those that oppose this sort of common sense approach to solve some of our problems were around thousands of years ago, I have no doubt that they would have opposed the invention of the wheel, or using fire/stoves to cook certain food, etc.

Yours faithfully,

Peter Jamieson, Broadbeach Waters, Qld.

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