LEGO wheelchair helps hurt turtle

WATCH: Broken turtle recovers in LEGO wheelchair

CAN you remember the creations that your child made with LEGO blocks?

Did they create a house? A castle? Perhaps a spaceship? Or a wheelchair for a broken turtle?

No, you didn't read the last part wrong.

An injured turtle is well on the way to recovery after staff and one LEGO connoisseur custom-made a wheelchair from the popular toy at The Maryland Zoo in the US.

Zoo staff were faced with a quandary when the turtle was brought in with curious injury - multiple fractures to the bottom of its shell.

Unable to rely on procedures for more common injuries on top of the shell, the staff were forced to think outside the box - the LEGO box that is.

"I had a friend who actually lives in Denmark who is a LEGO enthusiast," Veterinarian extern Garrett Fraess said.

"I sent her some sketches about the turtle and what he would need to get maximum mobility for him.

"And she came up with specific LEGO pieces for him and design ideas."

Now, the turtle is able to zip around the zoo while protecting its vulnerable belly.

"I was surprised how well it turned out and how (the turtle) is able to express a lot of his normal behaviours," Fraess said.

"I thought he might still be a little limited in movement but he can turn on a dime, and he can scoot like a normal turtle.

"So I was really impressed with that."

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