Bowled over! Legally blind bowler knocking them down at 96

KATHRYN Robinson takes her stance, starts her run-up, swing back her arm and sends the bowling ball flying down the lane.

The pins topple with a thundering crash. A strike!

She turns back to smiles and wild celebrations. But it's only the rapturous applause she acknowledges.

That's because the 96-year-old is legally blind.

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Despite losing all her sight in one eye and most in the other, Robinson remains one of the star bowlers in her senior league team - the Teslas - at Verdes Tropicana Bowl in Florida, US.

This year she has bowled a high of 183 - a slip in standards - but has, over the years, scored regularly in the 250s.

Even her second husband and teammate, Lee, admits he can't compete with his wife on the lanes.

"Are you kidding?!," Lee said in a video posted by the Palm Beach Post. "She's snowed me at bowling for 50 years!

"She's an excellent bowler."

Robinson took up the game when she was 37. After losing her first husband in a car crash, she needed something to occupy her, and her children's minds. Little did she know how much of home she would find on the sheen of the hardwood lanes.

Now, sixty years later, the great-great-grandmother is an inspiration, staying active, entertained and knocking down pins.

"It's the smartest thing I ever did," she told the Palm Beach Post.

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