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My life my journey stores your legacy

A lasting legacy: Keep your memories as an heirloom

WHAT will be your legacy? How do you want to be remembered?

It can be a little daunting to think about such things, but it can be enlightening for both you and your family to put your thoughts into words.

A mother wondered if her legacy might be the sudden scent of something special or perhaps a visual cue that would prompt her family to think of her.

Another person said he hoped he would be remembered as happy. Simple things really. But, simple as these words are - how do you let your family hear these intimate feelings?

It might be easier to be remembered for the big feats of life - and they certainly have their moments. But, it's possible they're already a shared memory. My Life, My Journey, if you choose, can be about both the smaller and bigger moments. It can be a holistic history, more than just the moment in photographs or the big achievement; it can be about you - the spouse, the friend, the parent, the child, the colleague.

For many of us of a certain age, the leap into the digital world has not come without challenges. For some, it's a case of dipping a toe in the water and seeing how far to go. For others it's a serious no-go zone. Nevertheless, in our modern world, deciding to dive into the digital world can lead you to a world of positive adventures.

My Life, My Journey is one of those amazing digital positives. It provides an opportunity to talk about the things that matter, to record them for yourself and to enrich the story of your family history for generations to come.

This alternative life diary is a new, fresh, creative way to celebrate and share you're your life with your family and friends, in your time, in your way.

It's also free and secure. In just a few hours My Life, My Journey becomes a fun and fulfilling celebration of your life.

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