Mary Dickinson,
Mary Dickinson,

Learn the tricks of Instagram from senior socialite

BLOGS. Instagram. Snapchat. Do those three words instil a little anxiety in you?

Many seniors have not attempted to use social media, thinking it is something reserved only for young ones.

But one Brisbane socialite senior says it will open up a whole new world to you and could lead to new interests and friendships.

Mary Dickinson, aged 67 (she doesn't mind us revealing it to you) has lived in Brisbane all her life.

She is retired now, but owned and operated Gardenway with her husband Trevor for many years.

Mary is an Instagram devotee and a regular blogger who keeps an open mind to all new forms of social media.

"I believe in having a go at everything,” she said. "Stay curious, stay interested in life.”

A lover of travel, fashion, food, friendships, art, and life itself, Mary says she blogs and Instagrams about anything she likes, and now has more than 3000 followers.

"I have always had a lot of energy,” she said. "Instagram became an extension of the things I loved. It was natural. When I travel I put something on Instagram almost every day. It is fun and you meet so many people through it.”

Mary and Trevor Dickinson,
Mary and Trevor Dickinson,

Mary says she will put a photo on Instagram of say, a book she is reading, a meal she has had, a new outfit she likes, a lunch she's had with friends.

"I don't put pictures of dogs or babies on,” she laughed. "I blog about my travels. I don't put a lot of words on, no-one wants to read millions of words. I just put a few words on with photos. The last thing I blogged about was when I was in India. Photographs tell a lot of stories.”

Well known in Brisbane for her glamorous looks, her love of fashion and fondness for parties, Mary says she is often called a 'social facilitator'.

"I go out a lot, I've done a lot,” she said. "I love to go to parties, parties you can go to early and leave early. I am not a big drinker. I am usually home by 8pm.

"I have always loved fashion. I sew. I have made my own clothes since I was 10. If you sew you have a different outlook on fashion. I buy things from second-hand shops, I change them, adapt.

"I make my own headpieces, sometimes jewellery. I'm creative. I don't throw anything out. But I'm not a slave to fashion.

"At my age you can wear what you like. You must be comfortable though. I never wear anything sleeveless. I love colour now.”

Obviously some of Mary's extravagant fashion outfits have appeared in her blogs and on Instagram and have attracted interest from fellow fashionistas all over the world and helped grow her number of followers.

Her advice to any seniors who have been nervous about social media is to be bold and give it a try.

"Get someone young to show you how to use it, then start and then practise,” she said.

"You don't have to put anything personal on it, you only put on what you don't mind people looking at. Just practise. Take photos and put them on. You'll make new friends.

"I consider myself as good (at blogging and Instagram) as the young ones. I don't consider I'm getting old.”

Follow Mary on: website or Instagram @bmaryd

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