Leading coin expert spent 40 years dealing in treasure

EVERY day for the past 40 years in Sydney Jim Noble has been handling other people's treasure.

Jim first hung out his shingle on 5th of April 1976 and in the years that followed a treasure trove of gold and precious ancient coins have been sold at his auctions. 

Today he's recognised as the nation's leading coin and banknote expert and this

April will see yet another Noble Numismatics auction where collectors from all over the world will gather to bid millions for precious, rare and often beautiful items.  

Among these will be three rare gold half-sovereigns sold by Jim in 1976 when he first opened his doors.  The original purchase prices were $1,350, $850 and $450. They are estimated to sell now at $9,000, $7,000 and $5,000 respectively.

As often happens, collectors will decide to "cash in", sometimes to take a profit, or more often simply because they have gone as far as they can go and wish to move into some other collecting field. 

A feature of this year's auction will be a superb Australian gold coin collection put together over many years by a Sydney man.    It is one of the finest ever formed and includes one very rare 1855 half-sovereign with an estimated value of $35,000.  Another, dated 1864, will fetch at least $15,000.

A collector from the Canberra-Yass district has consigned his entire collection of outstanding sovereigns, minted from 1902 to 1931.

One of the rarest of Australian coins is a 1930 penny and this year Jim will be offering one that is graded as Very Fine.   

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