My Kitchen Rules contestants Lama and Sarah.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Lama and Sarah. JEREMY GREIVE

Lama and Sarah’s ‘epic’ MKR fail

LAMA Zaytoun and Sarah Linsalata have plated up what has to be the most disappointing instant restaurant in My Kitchen Rules history.

The cousins, from South Australia, didn't get the worst score of all time but they came close for what should have been a mouth-watering Lebanese feast.

Lama and Sarah promised to do their heritage proud with a three-course meal of Middle Eastern excellence at their Sahtein (Arabic for Bon Appetit) restaurant but failed miserably.

Judges Colin Fassnidge's and Darren Robertson's mouths were watering as they scanned the menu at the start of the episode.

"I'm so excited to eat this food," Fassnidge said.

Lama and Sarah's entree was cheese and spinach fatayer. The main was rolled lamb kafta with couscous tabouli and hommus. Asmalieh, a sort of Lebanese vanilla slice, was dessert.

The trouble started early and Lama and Sarah quickly went from kissing cousins to fighting cousins.

The dough for the fatayers turned too thick and the seams on the Lebanese-style pasties started splitting.

A last-minute decision by Lama to spurt the plate with pomegranate molasses against Sarah's advice had tempers soaring.

"Lama's definitely being bossy," Sarah moaned.

The judges were disappointed with the result.

My Kitchen Rules contestants Lama and Sarah serve up their entree during their instant restaurant.
My Kitchen Rules contestants Lama and Sarah serve up their entree during their instant restaurant. Tony Lewis

"The pastry was very thick and I think you needed more filling in there because I was just starting to enjoy it and it's gone," Fassnidge said.

"To me the pomegranate molasses looked like an afterthought," Robertson said. "The underside was under cooked. The salad - I think you had a few problems with balance of flavours".

Worse was to come. Sarah was in charge of the lamb kafta dish and wanted to give it a modern twist by stuffing and baking the lamb instead of grilling it on skewers.

Lama took aim at Sarah for including currants in the main and using couscous instead of wheat germ in the tabouli.

"I get annoyed that she is pushing what she wanted to do onto my dish when anything I said to her was invalid in her dish," Sarah complained.

It took a visit to the kitchen by Fassnidge to calm tempers but the what got plated up was a severe disappointment.

"It is a baked meat loaf," Fassnidge said. "By putting the stuffing inside to make it fancy it is too big so the oven, rather than caramelising and roasting (the meat) sort of stews it."

Robertson called the main "dull and lifeless and grey".

The pain didn't stop. Rival contestants were forced to wait more than two hours for dessert after the first lot of custard filling started getting black lumps in it from the saucepan during whisking.

Added time pressure meant that the second lot of custard didn't have time to set in the oven properly.

"There's nothing we can do about it," Lama said. "Let's send these poor people home. Plate it up and send them home."

Fassnidge was left speechless at first by the end result, finally asking "Did you girls sit down and eat a bowl of this stuff before you served it to us?"

Robertson was more sympathetic. "I feel for you," he said. "I'm not sure what happened. The biggest problem clearly was the custard. It hadn't set. The pastry became really gluggy on the underside."

Rival teams described the dessert as "over-boiled milk" and "like an omelet with noodles in it".

Fassnidge gave Lama and Sarah 5 out of 10 for entree, 4 out of 10 for main, and 2 out of 10 for the dessert.

Robertson gave the cousins 5 out of 10 for entree, 3 out of 10 for main and 2 out of 10 for dessert.

Rival teams scored the pair a dismal 18 out of 50 making for a final score of 39 out of 110.

That is not as bad as Bek and Ash's record low of 26 out of 110 earlier this series but has to be considered a more disappointing result given the enticing Lebanese menu.

"The word 'gutted' is ringing through my head," Lama said. "It is an epic fail".

Lama and Sarah's dire score looks set to see them go to a sudden death elimination cook-off in the coming week.

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