Koala makes chores impossible at Symbio Wildlife Park

Have you ever been hindered by an adorable but pesky little rug rat while trying to clean the house?

Well then spare a thought for the staff at Symbio Wildlife Park on the outskirts of Sydney.

In footage released by the Park, keeper Tami was in the middle of cleaning up the koala enclosure when she received a cute, but wholly unhelpful, visitor.

James the koala climbed down from his perch and clambered up Tami as she raked up the enclosure.

"You make things that should take five minutes take about 10," Tami told James as he cuddled her shoulder.

However, the inconvenience of having a koala strapped to your body as you work is one that Tami has become accustomed to, with the young keeper able to finish her chores and then coax James back up into his home.

You can meet James any day of the week - excluding Christmas - at Symbio Wildlife Park which is located 45 minutes south of Sydney.