Keith Hills, 91, survives Cyclone Debbie in his caravan

THE annex was stripped, his fridge thrown and his belongings saturated by torrential rain but Keith Hill has survived Cyclone Debbie from inside his caravan.

The 91-year- old Bowen local, who is affectionately known as "Blue" around town, emerged this morning from his home battered but not shaken.

In his underwear and a shirt, Mr Hill opened the door to have a look outside.

"I haven't been outside yet," he said.

"I don't know how it's been."

Mr Hill was lucky to survive after the tree beside his caravan snapped in half but fell in the opposite direction.

His Christmas tree, which he never dismantles, was still standing with its decorations attached.

Wet newspapers were scattered around the base of the caravan while his chair had tried to absorb hundreds of millimetres of rain.

Mr Hill had managed to keep his door shut throughout the night by tangling electrical cords from the inside.

"My daughter came to get me this morning but I didn't want to go down there," he said.

"I'm independent."

The resident said the wind was terrible.

"I wasn't scared," he said.

"I slept on my couch - I was awake most of the night.

"But I'm alive, I'm still breathing.

"I have some pains in my chest, every now and again I get them but I have tablets."

Mr Hill said he was going to wait until the storms passed from inside his caravan.

"I'm not hungry, I've got enough food," he said.

Wangaratta Caravan Park manager Christine Crook said Blue was a stubborn man.

"He's a bit of a character," she said.

"He wouldn't move - the police came, the SES came and we tried three times.

"That's his home though; he's lived there all his life."

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