CREATIVE WORKERS: the Hervey Bay View Club Committee, Bev Cornwell, Edna Down, Heather Ramm, Lyn Smith, Glenda Reinke, Robyn Busk and Mary Pape.
CREATIVE WORKERS: the Hervey Bay View Club Committee, Bev Cornwell, Edna Down, Heather Ramm, Lyn Smith, Glenda Reinke, Robyn Busk and Mary Pape.

Keep your grandkid creatively busy over summer

WE reached out to some of the many clubs that contribute their monthly news to Seniors News to share their great ideas for grandkid and great-grandkid holiday activity ideas.

Probus Club of Burleigh Waters

Grandchildren can use their imagination to create some wonders such as:

  • Christmas bells from egg cartons - cut out the raised bell shaped parts.
  • Christmas pom pom balls using use polystyrene balls, wire and art flowers, bows and ribbons.
  • Decorate pine cones using use spray paint and glitter.
  • Lanterns - make from coloured paper.
  • Christmas shapes decorations - create stars and other shapes from coloured cardboard.
  • Cooking is so much fun - gingerbread people, Christmas trees, chocolate fudge squares, chocolate or apricot balls,muesli bar small squares (these can all be made in a microwave).
  • Make your own gifts such as lavender filled pillows about 8cm square, plus allowance for seam.
  • Also, make ribbons and bows for dressing up other gifts
  • Christmas table - make napkins and design your own centre piece.
  • Christmas bon bons - use toilet roll, paper towel centres, coloured paper and ribbon.

Hervey Bay VIEW Club

For Grandparents to share some activity with the grandchildren all it takes is a bit of imagination and simple everyday items.

To start, all you need is some white cardboard, scissors, glue, pencil, coloured texter pens, old Christmas cards and you are underway.

Let the kids use their own imagination and ideas, if able let them cut out pictures from the old cards and glue onto the blank cardboard cards, use their own words and writing to and from inside the card and enjoy their display of pride at having made the card themselves.

Decorations for the Christmas tree can be made the same way... bells and more from silver or gold paper.

U3A Twin Towns, Tugun

  • Creating a cubby from cardboard boxes.
  • Make a Christmas tree from a tree branch, painting it white and hanging it with decorations made by the kids.
  • Cook coconut ice or fudge and make little boxes to hold it - give it as a gift.
  • Go on a walk and get the children to draw what they saw while out, and accompany it with a short description.
  • Make a book out of folded A4 paper and write a sentence or two on each page with an accompanying drawing.
  • Make up bubble mixture and have fun blowing bubbles.
  • Make a kite with lots of colours and streamers and fly it.
  • Press some flowers.
  • Create a diorama which is a fun way to build an exciting scene in a small space.

Glasshouse Country View Club

View clubs struggle each year to make enough library bags for the Smith Family's Learning for Life students who are unable to make their own.

These are easy enough for grandparents to teach their grandchildren how to make; all you need you need is some bright and interesting (for young ones) material.

Do this activity can help the grandkids feel that they are helping those in less fortunate circumstances.

For more information on what sizes for the bags, phone Janet on 0448 845303 or Gillian on (07) 5496 9474.

Probus Club of Coffs City

  • Cooking.
  • Puzzles. 
  • Memory games. 
  • Reading children's stories. 
  • Charades.

Grafton Senior Citizens

Our grandmothers suggest -

  • At home - cooking, especially pikelets; French knitting; colouring-in; making Christmas decorations and cards; making pasta necklaces, button pictures and wooden spoon dolls.
  • Out of the home - join in the local shopping activities including painting of plaster moulds, magic sand and tie-dyeing; check out the activites at the local library.

Toowoomba Men's Shed

  • Spend time with the grandkids as they cycle around the local park.
  • Get them to take you to a local historical site and ask them to guide you around the site and tell you all about it.
  • Visit the local library.
  • Make cards from bits and pieces of paper, cardboard, stamps and anything else you have stored in your craft room or box.
  • Visit the local museum and National Trust locations to see their current exhibitions.
  • Show the grandkids how to fix little things around the house like pumping up bike tyres and balls.

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