Trevor Veale

Keep track of the fuel price cycle, money in your pocket

CONSISTENCY is the key to saving money on the back of fuel price cycles.

RACQ public policy executive manager Michael Roth says paying attention can make a big difference for drivers.

"Watching the media or looking at the Fair Fuel Price app on the RACQ website will help people know where the fuel price cycle is at and when the best time to fill up is," he said.

"The motorist who can time the cycle and make sure they never get caught being at the top of the cycle will get the fuel at a very small mark-up from wholesale price."

The fuel cycle lasts about three weeks and rarely depends on the global oil market.


"There's no rhyme or reason to fuel cycles," Mr Roth said.

"Essentially the service stations decide they are not making enough money on petrol anymore and they put up their price.

"Then over a period of weeks they slowly put that price down depending on whether they are selling enough fuel or whether the service station down the road has put their price down a little bit.

"They start trying to undercut each other until they get back to the zone where they are not making any money anymore and then someone puts it up again."


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