Dan Hamill joins the cast of Love Child in season four.
Dan Hamill joins the cast of Love Child in season four. Channel 9

Just what the doctor ordered

DAN Hamill laughs at the suggestion he's the hot new doctor on Love Child.

He's just happy to play a "good guy" in a leading role after a string of guest roles on TV series including Jack Irish, Broken Shore, The Doctor Blake Mysteries and, most recently, House Husbands.

"I've played a lot of baddies in my career so far, so it's nice playing a good-hearted fellow," Hamill tells The Guide.

"I'm coming into some pretty big shoes, but the cast made me feel very welcome. They calmed me down a bit; I was a bit nervous on my first day."

Best known as a contestant from the 2015 season of The X Factor, the Perth native is a graduate of the 16th Street Acting Studio in Melbourne and cut his acting teeth on City Homicide and Neighbours.

In the new season of Love Child he replaces Jonathan LaPaglia's character as the new head of obstetrics at Kings Cross General Hospital.

Andy Ryan and Dan Hamill in a scene from season four of Love Child.
Andy Ryan and Dan Hamill in a scene from season four of Love Child. Daniel Asher Smith

His character Dr Andrew Patterson is a Vietnam veteran and Dr Joan Miller's (Jessica Marais) charismatic new boss.

"He's a bit of a ladies man; he loves the nurses and is a confident seller," Hamill says.

"But contrasting that he's got a really big heart. He's coming from two years serving in Vietnam. He's carrying around a lot of grief and he finds the antithesis of that (war) in the healing and joy he finds in women giving birth. It's a way he can give back after he's seen so much death."

Andrew and Joan get off to a rocky start as she tries to secure her future at the hospital as a single mother - an anomaly for the early 1970s.

"In the first episode he's blown away by her tenacity," he says. "She's very headstrong and comes at him like a bull through the gates. My character's like 'Who is this?' It's the first time he's met a woman who's kind of his equal and challenges him in the way he challenges others. He's surprised by her that's for sure."

Dr Patterson's progressive views are set to shake things up at the hospital and nearby Stanton House.

"Andrew is one of the few men in the '70s who really backs women's rights," he says. "I think his function in this season is to support the women in their plight to be treated as equals."

Off camera, Hamill is an entertaining addition to the drama's award-winning cast. He still has one foot firmly planted in the music world, performing with The Dan Hamill Band when he's not filming.

"Miranda (Tapsell) and I sing a lot of RnB classics in between takes," he says.

"I always sing on set. It chills me out a bit and creates a vibe for everyone.

"Andy Ryan and I also have a lot of fun together. We share a trailer and we've become the best mates. We definitely have some fun moments throughout the series. All I can say is we create a bit of mischief."

Love Child airs Tuesdays at 8.40pm on Channel 9.

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