Foreign Minister Julie Bishop say Trump Likely next President

Julie Bishop on what Trump win would mean for Australians

AUSTRALIA'S Foreign Minister Julie Bishop says the Coalition Government is happy to work with whoever becomes the new US President and at this stage that looks like Donald Trump. 

Ms Bishop said she had personally predicted the race would be very close and as a consequence: "the Australian Government has been preparing for either a Clinton administration or a Trump administration, notwithstanding the polls and the pundits."

In terms of what a Trump Presidency would mean for Australians Ms Bishop said she had received advice from the Trump camp that the present arrangements around defence and security would be unlikely to change. 

"We most certainly are reaching out to the Trump National Security Team, the transition team, to ensure that Australia's interests, economically, strategically, national security, defence, are made known to the administration very early on," Ms Bishop said. 

Asked if they had heard anything back from the Trump camp the Foreign Minister said: "We have received very positive responses in relation to the US-Australia alliance."

"It's the bedrock of our security interests and we've certainly had nothing that would lead me to be concerned about the US-Australia alliance."

Ms Bishop also said she was hopeful the Obama Administration would pass the Trans-Pacific partnership during the so-called lame duck period which runs from today until January 20. 

"We (the Federal Government) see the Trans-Pacific Partnership as an important economic manifestation of the United States' presence in our region," Ms Bishop said.

"Should the TPP not go ahead, then the vacuum that would be created is most likely to be filled by ARSEP, the free trade agreement that comprises the ASEAN countries, China, Australia and others, at its core."

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