Jillaroo Jess' tips for caravan drivers

Jillaroo Jess shares tips for caravaners to drive around trucks
Jillaroo Jess shares tips for caravaners to drive around trucks Contributed

JILLAROO Jess shared some helpful tips for caravan drivers needing to drive around trucks in a funny "educational" video on Facebook.

The creation of the video was sparked by one caravan driver that surprised Jess Edwards, who is on the road travelling in a convoy of four road trains through South Australia.

"He comes up behind us and called us on the radio, said 'Hey mate, I'm just coming around you' and he gets around us quickly and safely and then continues on his merry way," she said.

"It was amazing."

While she said it seemed the driver had some experience driving around trucks, she wanted to share a few tips for those who might not have that experience.

"Firstly, drive a car that can do the speed limit while towing a caravan. It's alright if you want to save fuel but if you're around trucks at least do 90km so you're not in the way or we have to go around you and it's hard to overtake you," she said.

Her second point was don't "drop a wheel off the side".

"I realise some of you do it to try and be helpful but we know how wide our vehicle is so if we can't overtake you, we won't."

Her final tip was to buy a UHF.

She said it didn't have to be an expensive one and could just be a little handheld one, but it was useful to have to talk to truckies encountered on the road.

Jess said it was as simple as just asking "Hey mate, can you just let me know when it's clear please?"

"Just get one of these and we'll all be much safer on the roads," she said.

The video, posted on Monday, has 74,000 views, more than 1500 likes and has been shared nearly 300 times.

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