Jane Caro
Jane Caro

'Anger is energising': Advocate calls for women to unite

JANE Caro, the social commentator, author, lecturer and forthright public speaker welcomes the #metoo movement.

"It has reframed the woman's shame as anger," she said

"Anger is energising, and it can lead to collective action."

She suggests that no matter how you see it, the circumstances have shown: "The worst of men and the best of women."

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Jane doesn't believe the men who committed these crimes ever considered their actions were harmless, moreover their surprise emanated from the resulting exposure.

"They knew what they were doing, that's why it went on behind closed doors.

"That's why they paid large sums of money to keep it quiet."

The campaign, she says, has put men on notice. Because, women not only now have a voice, they have a voice that is being listened to, believed, respected and acted upon.

And that's when the shock occurred, this was the first-time women had spoken out in public and been believed.

"This re-balancing of power has made the world a safer place, particularly for the vulnerable."

Ironically, Jane believe it may have been a man that initiated this cycle of change, and that man is one of most powerful in the world - Donald Trump

She has interpreted his election as a watershed moment.

"No matter what you thought of her, Hilary Clinton was the best qualified, most experienced candidate, yet she was defeated by a nutty buffoon with intelligence of a gnat, and a raging narcissist."

"The injustice of this made women as mad as hell and that's why there were all women's marches on Washington."

On the other hand, there have been benefits for our sons and grandsons and this is seen reflected in modern relationship.

Where once women asked a partner's permission to act on a variety of her life's decision, these days, there is more discussion.

"Instead of a woman asking permission, couples now negotiate."

Jane Caro will be speaking at the WOW (Women of the World) Festival 2018, at Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm, Between April 6- 8. Go to: brisbanepowerhouse.org/festivals/wow-at-festival-2018


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