Woman who accidentally stabbed partner appeals parole

A WOMAN who is fighting to be released on parole told a court that it was a "tragedy" when she accidentally killed her partner.

Nicola Maria Baillie was eligible to be released on parole last year after being sent to jail for stabbing her partner in the leg while she was lashing out at her daughter's boyfriend in 2012. Her partner died because of a severed artery.

The former Hervey Bay woman, who has also lived on the Sunshine Coast, was refused parole last year and is now fighting this decision in the Brisbane Supreme Court.

Representing herself at court on Monday, she said she had been in jail for nearly three and a half years, despite being eligible for release after serving two years and eight months behind bars.

She argued the parole board was unreasonable when it refused her release, including the reason that the board had to take her manslaughter conviction into account.

"I truly understand what I done," she said.

"It was a domestic incident. It was a tragedy to me and everybody involved. But am I going to be held accountable every time I apply for parole because of that?

"I lost my partner, I lost everything."

She also spoke about how she fought to save her partner's life after it happened.

"I stabbed my ex-partner once in the back of his leg, that's how he died. I tried to save his life and he died. Every time that comes up, is that going to be an issue for me? Otherwise I'm never going to get out of jail."

Baillie also argued against other issues the parole board raised, including how she had not completed a course, which she said she was still completing at the time, and because she had been involved in a fight in jail.

But she said the fight wasn't serious and involved pushing and shoving.

Justice James Douglas said Baillie had to prove that the parole board was unlawful when it refused her parole and that she could not fight it simply because she disagreed with the decision.

He will make his final decision in the next few days.


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