A Helidon woman got the fright of her life after finding this snake on her bedside table before dawn yesterday.
A Helidon woman got the fright of her life after finding this snake on her bedside table before dawn yesterday. Contributed

This is one creature you don't want sharing your bedroom

IT WAS the bump in the night that led to a woman getting the fright of her life and sparked a busy day for a snake catcher.

A Helidon woman, fast asleep, heard a photo frame move on her bedside table shortly before 4.30am.

After rolling over to turn on the light, the woman discovered a very unwelcome and strange bedfellow curled up on the table only inches from her head.

The phone call for removal was the first of more than seven for Toowoomba Snake Catcher's Dave Weidman, who said the early morning call was a reminder for people to remain vigilant.

"She was asleep and heard one of the photos on the bedside table move so she turned on the lights and found the snake," he said.

"She was very shocked when she called me.

"I told her to put a towel under the door so it couldn't get out and when I got down there (from Toowoomba); it was still curled up on the bedside table."

He caught and relocated the green tree snake in what would turn out to be a busy day.

Mr Weidman received six calls in about seven hours yesterday from properties around Toowoomba and the Lockyer Valley.

They included a green tree snake in a roof cavity of a house in Withcott, and three Eastern brown snakes at three different properties.

One call was to remove a brown snake from a bathtub at a Gatton property.

Mr Weidman said the warmer mornings meant snakes were becoming more active and going in search of cool places.

"There are four main reasons you will see a snake on your property and that is food, shelter, water or they're just passing through," he said.

"You can't really snake-proof a place but if you remove the supply of food, shelter and water, you're less likely to see one."

Mr Weidman said he was shocked to find a man poking the tail of a brown snake when he arrived at a Highfields call-out at the weekend, and said that behaviour should never be repeated.

"If the snake isn't threatened or attacked, they'll stick around until I can get there to remove it," he said.

"If you see a snake, keep an eye on it and just watch to make sure it doesn't move."

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