Is medical cannabis the answer?

A reader is questioning the use of medicinal cannabis.
A reader is questioning the use of medicinal cannabis.

MEDICAL cannabis has been promoted on the basis that it is beneficial to medical conditions when conventional medicine doesn't work.

Now, already it is looking to become just another drug to treat anxiety and depression and to dope kids with "severe mental health issues" to regulate "fear and anxiety-related behaviours".

The arguments 'for' include: (i) antidepressants not working, (ii) the drug interacts with receptors in the brain and (iii) it comes from a plant.

Of course antidepressants do not work for depression that is psychologically-situationally based and regardless of the 'scientific' spin intended to confuse the general public and impress as valid, all drugs that affect the brain interact with neurotransmitters and/or brain receptors.

Heroin and cocaine also come from plants.

We frequently read complaints of how kids are being drugged to make them easier to handle.

So, how is 'doping' them any different?



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