Some Woolworths stores started stocking hot cross buns on Boxing Day.
Some Woolworths stores started stocking hot cross buns on Boxing Day. Luke Duke Bambrick | Facebook

Is Boxing Day too soon for hot cross buns?

HOW soon is too soon for Aussie supermarkets to start stocking Easter staples?

January? February?

How about Boxing Day?

Woolworths is under fire by customers unimpressed by their decision to start selling hot cross buns in some stores one day after Christmas.

"This is crazy! Woolworths is already selling hot cross buns, and we haven't even reached the end of 2016 yet!!" one customer wrote on their Facebook page along with the above picture of hot cross buns on a Woolworths' shelves with the label Happy Easter.

"Hey, Woolworths - we don't want Hot Cross buns available the day after Boxing Day!!! Maybe a few weeks before Easter but not when its still 2016," wrote another.

"I am thoroughly disgusted with Woolworths for having Hot Cross Buns on the shelves already. To say it is by huge customer demand is an absolute blatent lie by you. This will make me want to shop there even less! (sic)" another wrote.

Is Boxing Day too soon for hot cross buns?

This poll ended on 18 January 2017.

Current Results

Yes! We're still celebrating Christmas!


No different to Christmas stock going on sale in September


No! Bring on that raisin goodness!


There are bigger things in the world to be worrying about


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"Why are there hot cross buns on the shelves already? Please don't tell me it's customer demand," wrote another.

But a Woolworths spokesperson told The Age some stores started selling the Easter staple on December 26 because of customer demand.

"Almost 4.5 million hot cross buns are expected to be sold nationwide in just the first two weeks of January," he said.

Hot cross buns won't appear in all of Woolworths' stores until January, when it is expected Coles will also start stocking the Easter treat, The Age reports.

But not everyone is "disgusted" with Woolworths over the early arrival of hot cross buns.

"To spite what a low majority are complaining about, I'm glad you have hot x buns already. It's no different to selling xmas decorations in September so keep on baking!!" one customer wrote.

"Love hot cross buns thanks for stocking them now," wrote another.

And despite the debate - Woolworths today put up this Facebook post:

What do you think? When should Easter stock hit supermarket shelves?

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