The Jaguar I-PACE is about to hit the market.
The Jaguar I-PACE is about to hit the market.

Jaguar I-Pace could be the sexiest new car to hit the market

STEP into the sexiest car about to hit the market.

And better yet, it's environmentally friendly.

I'm not one to go nuts over cars or get hung up on their features, but I do get excited about the electrification revolution and the Jaguar I-Pace is really something special.

Like other millennials (according to research), I would love an electric car to be the next one I buy.

Now I'm trying to figure out how to charge my bank account so I can afford a chargeable car.

That's because I never would have thought I would have been so impressed by a self-braking feature.

Maybe this has something to do with when I was learning to drive. My dad taught me to take my foot off the accelerator some time before getting to the traffic lights so I didn't have to rely on the brakes too much.

But as all hopeless learner drivers discover, this is easier said than done and most of the time you end up jamming them at the last minute. Admittedly I still do it now.

That's why I was so excited about this feature. As soon as I took my foot off the accelerator the car's self-braking mechanism set in.

All you should really do is tap the brake when you're about to stop so the person behind you knows you're braking.

You can adjust this to have it working as much as you want, or not at all.

I didn't know this was a feature of the Tesla electric cars as well, but with Australians still waiting for their more affordable option to arrive, my interest in those has waned.


You’re about to see these babies on our roads.
You’re about to see these babies on our roads.

What's more promising are the companies bringing more all-electric vehicles to the market and the rechargeable network we will one day see on our roads.

And I'm not the only one who's excited.

New research from Jaguar Land Rover's Driving Australia Forward report has found excitement and intrigue for electric vehicles among younger Australians is sky high.

Millennials are showing significantly more enthusiasm for electric vehicles than their Gen X and baby boomer counterparts.

The report shows millennials are driving the shift towards electric vehicles, with almost half saying it's likely an EV will be their next car purchase.

That compares with 30 per cent of Gen X and 23 per cent of baby boomers.

Millennial males are also more likely to buy one at 42 per cent, compared with 27 per cent of women.

Kevin Nicholls, marketing director of Jaguar Land Rover Australia, said millennials were enticed by the environmental benefits and the convenience of not having to stop at a petrol station.

"Electric vehicles are undoubtedly the future of motoring," he said.


No spin in an electric Jag would be complete without a selfie.
No spin in an electric Jag would be complete without a selfie.

Their research showed millennials are also less concerned about price, range and the number and availability of recharging stations than other generations.

I can't agree on the price. I'm still a long way off being able to afford one of these babies at about $120,000 a pop.

But when you think about how much you'd save on petrol, servicing and wear and tear, an electric car is a great investment.

You can essentially zip around a city without having to go to a petrol station and let's face it, who likes doing that?

The I-PACE has rapid public charging from zero to 80 per cent in 40 minutes, with 15 minutes charge giving 100km range.

I can already picture myself sipping my coffee while I wait for this baby to charge up and then cruising around looking super cool while simultaneously helping the environment and not having to stress about being rear-ended.

Jaguar is set to launch the I-Pace in Australia later this year. From 2020, all new Jaguar vehicle lines will have an electrified option.

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