Information session on Strength Training for Long term health benefits

The Queensland Government has provided funding to the The Range Community Gym at Mapleton through the Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing "Get Going Clubs" program, to hold an information session on the benefits of Strength Training on long term health.

Areas covered will include Dementia, Type 2 Diabetes, Osteoporosis and other chronic illnesses.

Speakers for the information session include :

1) Professor Maria A. Fiatarone Singh M.D is the main speaker at the information session. Her talk titled " Brain vs Brawn: Rethinking the Relationship between Mental Capacity and Muscle Power", will include her latest research into mild cognitive decline (a precursor to Alzheimer's type dementia) and the benefits of resistance training. Her previous studies have led to a paradigm shift in geriatric practice internationally, with the feasibility and efficacy of resistance training demonstrated for the first time in nonagenarians in 1990.

2) Dr Tim Henwood, a Lead Academic on a Department of Health supported investigation into the impact of resistance training as a reablement model of care among community-dwelling adults with government supported aged care packages. He will discuss the role of exercise, with a specific focus on progressive resistance training, on health and how individuals can utilise this form of training to prevent and rehabilitate themselves from disability.

3) Mark Thomson Personal Trainer specialising in Older Adults, who will talk on the benefits of strength training for Type 2 Diabetes, through his work on the "Lift for Life program.

4) Rae Duffield -Jones MPA - Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist, Consultant Physiotherapist and Certified Pilates Instructor at the Mapleton Community Gym: Rae's talk will incorporate ways to make progressive resistance training as effective as possible in the Mapleton Gym with specific emphasis on precautions for osteoporotic clients.

The talk will be held on Sunday 20th March, from 9 to 1pm at the Mapleton Bowls Club (above The Range Community Gym).

The cost is $5 for Individuals and $10 for Organisations.

Lunch and Morning Tea is provided. Bookings are essential.

For more information or to book call Tina McLaren Ph 0490 024 367 or call into The Range Community Gym on Mon, Wed, Fri 6-10am or Tues and Thurs 4-7pm.

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