'I WAS DEAD FOR AN HOUR': Pastor Andrew Hicks understands people may be sceptical.
'I WAS DEAD FOR AN HOUR': Pastor Andrew Hicks understands people may be sceptical. Matt Collins

'I died and saw God': Man's heavenly encounter

ANDREW Hicks says he died during an operation and went to heaven where he met God.

He believes his miraculous encounter with God is the reason he lived.

Based in Tasmania, Pastor Andrew Hicks, is in Kingaroy as part of his tour spreading his message of hope for others.

In his presentations, he shares his miraculous experience where he claims to have been to heaven and knelt in front of Jesus Christ.


"When I was there I was kneeling before a throne, I was actually kneeling before Jesus Christ," he said.

"I saw big holes in his hands and feet, they were actually the nails from the cross.

"The light was so bright and I couldn't see from the head up."

With pastor parents, Mr Hicks grew up in a religious home but he says, "I didn't know God for myself".

"When I went into the hospital, my life was in a complete mess," he said.

"My life was all over the place, I was on drugs and alcohol."

Mr Hicks' life change in the space of one hour when he went into Robina Hospital for a simple gall bladder operation.

"I died on the operation table," he said.

"They gave me the wrong anaesthetic and I died."

Mr Hicks said he was dead on the operation table for one hour and during that time he had an interaction from God.

"I actually went into the throne room of Heaven," he said.

"There is some amazing things that I saw there.

"There were some super-natural things."

After his encounter with God, Mr Hicks said he now has the power to heal those who are sick or injured.

"I did some meetings and people actually got healed in those meetings.

"We saw someone with scoliosis get completely healed.

"It is the power of God touching people's lives."

The pastor said the doctors would testify there was no other medical reasons why he survived, other than God bringing him back to life.

"It was only through God that I lived.

"The hospital staff just went 'Wow, we can not believe you are living'.

"Even the paperwork and the evidence said it was all over."

Mr Hicks is not surprised about the sceptics who don't believe his story.

"I understand that, but we have all the proof and the evidence to back up everything that happened," he said.

"It was a miracle that I lived and survived.

"People might be sceptical, and all I would say is come and listen and come and see."

After his heavenly encounter, Pastor Hicks hasn't touched drugs or alcohol since.

He said he received a vision to start the Ignite Revival Centre in Tasmania and that God gave him a powerful vision and instruction from Heaven on how to do this.

Director of the centre, Samuel Waterhouse, joined the pastor after attending one of his sermons.


'I HAD AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD': Pastor Andrew Hicks with Samuel Waterhouse.
'I HAD AN ENCOUNTER WITH GOD': Pastor Andrew Hicks with Samuel Waterhouse. Matt Collins

"I had no idea who Andrew was until he came to Tasmania," he said.

"I went on a journey in my life where I was wrapped up in drugs and alcohol. I was a gambling addict and cocaine addict and involved in criminal activity.

"I had an overnight encounter where somebody prayed for me and I felt my mind burning up and heating."

"All my addictions and my fears were released."

Pastor Andrew Hicks will be sharing his message with the Ignite Revival team at 28 Glendon St, Kingaroy from February 25-28 at 9am and 7pm daily.

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