Kevin Hogan has vowed to sit on the cross benches if there is another leadership spill.
Kevin Hogan has vowed to sit on the cross benches if there is another leadership spill. MICK TSIKAS

'I will not resign... this is about integrity': Kevin Hogan

UPDATE, 10.40am: PAGE MP Kevin Hogan says he will not resign if Peter Dutton "or anyone else takes the position of prime minister from Malcolm Turnbull".

Speaking from Canberra, Mr Hogan said he will continue his National Party membership no matter who has the top job.

"This is about a matter of principle," he said.

"My decision to move to the crossbench is not about Dutton or Turnbull, it is a matter of principle."

When asked what he would do if his actions of moving to the crossbench led to a hung parliament, Mr Hogan said he would continue to vote for the Coalition on money matters.

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A clearly exasperated Mr Hogan also said he had discussed his decision with the deputy prime minister and leader of the Nationals, Michael McCormack.

"Out of respect for my party, I spoke with the deputy PM and my colleagues," he said.

Mr Hogan said he had received a mixed reaction for members of all parties.

"Not all of them agreed with me but they all understood my reasons," he said.

When asked if this was "the ballsiest move" he had ever made, Mr Hogan insisted the issue was not about him.

"It's about integrity," he said.

"Earlier this week in the Nationals party room were discussing how to help farmers, the drought and emergency services workers, while the Liberals were talking about leadership changes," he said.

"I know I represent and speak for the vast majority in the community who view the Labor and Liberals' treatment of the office of the Prime Minister as a revolving door and this has to stop, because it is overshadowing the work of running the country."


UPDATE, 7.30am: "TREATING the office of Prime Minister as a revolving door is demeaning to the democratic system."

Those were the words of Page MP Kevin Hogan, who spoke to The Northern Star from Canberra this morning.

He said he was appalled by the actions of the Liberal Party.

"The Liberal Party does not deserve my support," he said.

"Apart from the basic supply and no confidence motions, other than that it will be on a case-by-case basis."

Mr Hogan said he believed the Australian people have had enough of the poor behaviour of senior politicians treating their positions and the community with disrespect.

"I do not condone what the Labor and Liberal Party is doing with the office of Prime Minister and I understand people's cynicism because of this revolving door issue," he said.

"My focus is our local community and we do as a government."

However, Mr Hogan said he would not change his political colours.

"I am very committed to the Nationals," he said.

"As Nationals I do not have a problem with my team, the problem is we are in a coalition with the Liberal Party."


PAGE MP Kevin Hogan has this morning released the following statement on the leadership spill issue:

"This constant rotation of Prime Ministers by both the Labor Party and the Liberal party, I cannot condone.

"I am announcing today, that if there is another leadership spill for the position of Prime Minister prior to the next federal election, I will remove myself from the government benches and sit on the cross benches.

"I have made this decision because my community is fed up.

"What we have been seeing in Canberra with leadership changes over the last 10 years, is letting our great country down.

"This is not about Peter Dutton, Malcolm Turnbull or Kevin Hogan, it is about the Office of Prime Minister.

"I remain 100 per cent committed to delivering for my community. I remain committed to the National Party.

"If this occurs, I will still attend National Party meetings if invited. I will not attend Coalition Party Room meetings.

"I will support the Government in No Confidence Motions and Supply.

"Any other legislation I will take on a case by case basis.

"The model I intend to follow is similar to what the Western Australian National, Tony Crook did.

"I will continue to focus on what my community has sent me here to do. I thank them for their overwhelming support."

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