Crowley Vale truck spill

Messy clean-up as tonnes of human waste spills on road

THE excrement spilled on a road in the Lockyer Valley was more "odorous" than others, the company trucking the waste has revealed.

A driver for Arkwood Organic Recycling, carrying 27 tonnes of excrement, was forced to brake suddenly to avoid a crash on Crowley Vale Rd about 8am yesterday.

A truck has lost its load in Crowley Vale.
A truck has lost its load in Crowley Vale. Contributed

About three tonnes of the partially liquid waste spilled, dousing the car and the road with waste, some of which was human excrement.

Arkwood Organic Recycling environmental manager and director Elissa Clarke said it took about three hours to clean up the spill.

She said a dry absorbent material was used to pick up the waste.

"We picked the bulk up with loader and loaded it into a body truck," she said.

A truck carrying human excrement lost its load in Crowley Vale.
A truck carrying human excrement lost its load in Crowley Vale. Tara Cassidy

Workers scratched, shovelled and swept the road until it was clean.

The cars were also cleaned.

The company carts about 400,000 tonnes of biosolids from waste water treatment plants across Queensland yearly, including the townships of Mackay, Cairns and Toowoomba.

Mrs Clarke said the smell of waste varied from plant to plant, but said the smell of this waste was "very odorous".

She said the nature of the waste meant it could not be carried in a pumper truck, describing its consistency as similar to "manure".

"Some of it can be pretty sloppy. We have plants that are dry and some that are moist, it depends on the process they use."

Mrs Clarke said the waste was often taken to farms and used as a fertiliser, which she described as the "ultimate in recycling".

She said the company followed regulations set out by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection at all times.

Mrs Clarke said someone had died recently near the site of the crash, and urged motorists to take care, especially around trucks.

"People aren't giving way, so many things can be avoided if people are more observant."

Following the incident, puns have been flowing thick and fast, with residents making light of the spill.

One wrote: "What a sh*t way to start the day".

"Some sh*tty news to share, sorry folks looks like a very sh*tty situation happened in Australia," another wrote.

"Sh*t happens."

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