The P9 has a nice depth of field feature as seen in this photo of a street poet in Brisbane.
The P9 has a nice depth of field feature as seen in this photo of a street poet in Brisbane.

Huawei P9 is one superb snapper

EXCEPTIONAL. It's probably the best word to describe the camera on the Huawei P9.

The Chinese tech giant may not be as much of a household name in Australia as Apple or Samsung but when it comes to this camera, it should be.

Huawei has partnered with the famous German camera company Leica to come up with a camera that is brilliant to play with.

It takes arguably better depth of field photos than the Apple iPhone 7 Plus while some of the fun features on its 8MP selfie camera will appeal to the vanity in all of us.

The P9's 12MP dual-lens camera came out well before Apple's iPhone.

But its approach is different.

While the iPhone 7 Plus offer optical zoom and wide angle photography, the two cameras in the P9 are designed to capture both vivid colour and stark black and white images.

Huawei has featured iconic photographers to promote its new camera but the truth virtually anyone can take a great picture with it.

Brisbane's Story Bridge as shot with a P9.
Brisbane's Story Bridge as shot with a P9.

I was actually road testing a new entry level DSLR the same weekend as testing the P9 and some of the photos taken on the P9 were better.

Huawei says the secret is in the way the RGB camera and the monochrome cameras work together.

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 performs better in low-light, the P9 does a great job.

I took a photo of a poet typing on an old typewriter in Brisbane's CBD using the depth of field feature. The lighting was pretty ordinary but the picture captured is now one of my favourites.

Taking the picture, you simply point to the part on the display you want to focus on most sharply and the camera can blur the rest.

Go into pro mode, you can adjust the ISO (light sensitivity) and a whole range of other settings to come up with more interesting photos.

The camera itself is super slim with 2.5D glass, while the body of aluminium has diamond-cut edges rounded out beautifully. It slips in and out of the pocket with ease - but make sure you get a case for it as it can also do that out of your hand, as I discovered.

It features a vivid 5.2-inch 1080p display while its Kirin 955 2.5GHz 64-bit ARM-based processor performs well for gamers, based on recent reviews.

One of the unusual features is the fact that the fingerprint scanner is on the back of the phone - something I actually liked, especially when using it to open the phone or snap selfies.

Speaking of selfies, one of the best features Huawei phones is beauty mode. It smooths out your skin, you can make yourself much thinner and even increase the size and appeal of your eyes.

Best features: 12MP dual cameras among the best around. Great display. Some fun features in selfie mode. Super thin. Fast processor for gaming.

Worst features: Slippery sucker. Buy a case straight away! Some bloatware which is just not needed. Could be cheaper.

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