How to spend less so you can travel more

SAVE CASH: Relax and enjoy your holidays.
SAVE CASH: Relax and enjoy your holidays.

FOR THOSE looking to save money for travel but are unsure where to start, we offer our top 5 tips to learn how to spend less.

One of the most common excuses for not travelling is finances. But for those who are able to seriously commit to goals and only spend on basic necessities like rent, utility bills, weekly groceries, insurance, and cleaning products, then you will start to see some serious savings in your bank account.


Did you know that in over one year on average you can spend nearly $600 on takeaway coffees? It's the small, daily purchases that add up quickly without realising.


Increase your fitness by trying cycling everywhere you go. While we know this isn't feasible for everyone, it is worthwhile to consider alternative modes of transportation-or take the train or bus no matter how tempting a taxi trip may seem.


Research what's happening around town before forking out cash for an event. During Summer, there are usually a myriad of free movies and concerts in local council parks and city museums. With a bit of planning, it's easy to stay entertained. Some may even consider cutting out the monthly Netflix bill in favour of a library card.

Holidays away

Although it may be tempting to spend money on short day trips or weekend jaunts out of town, you can save up money for longer trips by getting paid to stay in Pet Owners homes (known as "House Sitting") to take care of their pets while they are away. It's certainly the best way to travel as you're both earning & saving money that you would have spent on a hotel.

Travellers can pick and choose house sitting jobs on Australian website based on their own preferences and needs, as each job specifies whether the owner has dogs, cats, or other animals.

Simply join the site free, then Sitters must go through I.D. verification and get a police history check, then you can create a listing along with your services, prices, and photos, and then apply for house sitting jobs in the location of your choice. It's a win-win.

Community club trips

Bars and pokies at community clubs are some of the quickest places to drain money-especially for those who start feeling charitable after a drink or two. To cut back on spending, invite friends over for drinks at home first or only bring a set amount of cash and no card.  

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